Practically the entire world is absolutely in love with ‘The Avengers‘ right now. It’s one of the highest grossing movies out there and it started off the summer movie season with a big bang.

Now this new image of ‘The Avengers’ may not pack the punch of Hulk smashing or Thor’s hammer like the others, but it will make you understand how incredibly hot most of these actors have been since their youth. We say most because, well…you’ll see for yourself when you see one of their 80s hairdos.

Aww, they were  just like us! (Only a lot better looking!)

‘The Avengers’ is currently one of the biggest films out there, already making an estimated $200 million domestically, not to mention the $475 million they’ve already made worldwide. It’s a summer comic book movie juggernaut that won’t be loosing any momentum anytime soon, so be ready to see it dominate the box office for at least another couple of weeks.

Go ahead and take a look at all the stars in the picture below and, for comparison, another shot of them all grown up. Which one do you think has aged the best out of all of them?

Avengers Yearbook



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