Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Dwayne Johnson
Age: 40
Occupation: Wrestler-turned-actor
Known For: His turn as pro wrestler ‘The Rock,’ for making the leap to the big screen in films like ‘The Scorpion King,’ ‘Walking Tall’ and ‘Fast Five,’ and changing his name more times than Elizabeth Taylor.

Lily Allen
Age: 27
Occupation: Pop singer
Known For: A Grammy nomination for her debut album ‘Alright, Still,’ for kicking off the UK’s “year of the women” and then taking a hiatus from music just when she was getting big in 2009, and revealing herself to be a massive hypocrite after copying text from a Techdirt interview with 50 Cent without attribution into a blog post about how it’s wrong to steal and share digital music files.

Lou Gramm
Age: 62
Occupation: Rock singer
Known For: Being the lead vocalist of classic rock and legendary band Foreigner, timeless ’70s and ’80s rock hits like ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You,’ ‘Double Vision,’ ‘Cold as Ice’ and ‘Hot Blooded,’ and for wanting to know what love is.

Todd Sucherman
Age: 43
Occupation: Rock musician/drummer
Known For: For filling John Panozzo’s shoes as the drummer for the classic rock band Styx in 1996, for playing with other well-known artists such as Brian Wilson, The Falling Wallendas and Spinal Tap, and for being voted the Number One Rock Drummer in the World in 2009 by Modern Drummer Magazine.

David Beckham
Age: 37
Occupation: Soccer player
Known For: For leading his first UK soccer team to eight championship titles, being one of only a few players to hold three league titles in three different countries, being married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and looking like a god in a pair of boxer briefs.

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