You've heard of food trucks. You've heard of coffee trucks. Now, it's time to bring a fresh take to the truck scene... and this is where CC's comes in.

CC's Flower Truck, created by Caitlin Dunnagan, features a gorgeous '68 Volkswagon Transporter outfitted with racks that hold 20-25 vases full of⁠— that's right⁠— colorful, blooming flowers. The truck plans to, in the next month, begin traveling around Fort Collins, heading to breweries, flea markets and more, promising to spread joy and beauty wherever it goes.

But which came first: the truck, or the idea for a flower delivery service? Dunnagan explained to us in an email:

The idea to bring a flower a truck to Fort Collins came first! I moved back to the area this fall and was discouraged by the job hunting process and having a hard time finding something I was qualified for AND wanted to do. And one day my boyfriend (who has an entrepreneurial spirit) said "If you can't find a job then make one!" And I laughed at that notion until later that week I came across an article about a flower truck and it just instantly clicked.


Dunnagan is a 32-year-old transplant who moved to Colorado in 2012, then back to Illinois in 2015 to care for her terminally ill mother (Cathy, the other 'C' in 'CC's'). "Moving back to Fort Collins this past fall was hard and coming off of a really hard 3 years," Dunnagan said, "This idea to start a small business was the light at the end of the tunnel I needed!"

Why, though, does Fort Collins need a flower truck? Dunnagan said she was inspired by other flower trucks across the U.S. and by Fort Collins' general vibe. "When I think Fort Collins in the summertime, I think about all the beautiful blooms and flowers lining the streets in Old Town and I could instantly envision a vintage VW full of bright, colorful fresh flowers!"

I believe in flowers! I think they spread joy and happiness and remind you to smile and that's what I need in my life right now and I think others do too! - Caitlin Dunnagan


Dunnagan said she feels the spirit of her mom on this entrepreneurial journey. "[She] would love that I'm slinging flowers out of an old VW and doing this and I know she's with me every step of the way."

CC's Flower Truck will start its beautiful journey on Valentine's Day at New Belgium Brewery, so stop by and support this blooming local business.

Learn more about CC's Flower Truck on their Instagram page: you can follow them right here. 

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