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Argument Over Dog Poop Leads to Stabbing
A conversation about dog poop got heated in West Fort Collins last week. So heated that the argument ended in a stabbing. The incident occurred on the afternoon of April 5th in the 2200 block of West Mulberry Street.
QuikTrip Gas Stations Coming to Colorado
When I lived in the midwest in what seems a lifetime ago, there were gas stations all over called "QuikTrip". This gas station was my go-to place for gas when living in Omaha. Now, you might have never heard of QuikTrip before, but don't worry...
See the First Ever Photographed Black Hole
It has been 50 years since the first person walked on the moon. In those 50 years, technology has made so many improvements and expanded horizons of what we know about space. This week, we finally get our first glimpse of what a black hole looks like through a photograph.
WeldWerks Brewing Will Open Second Location in Colorado
Have you ever been to WeldWerks Brewing Company before? It's a magical place that brews outstanding beers and is hands down one of my most favorite breweries. They have some great New England Style IPAs, but they won me over with their stouts and their dark beers.

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