Every year music and football fans alike tune into the Super Bowl Halftime Show to watch some of the biggest acts put on a massive production. This year, fans might be tuning in to Carrie Underwood!

Sports blog TerezOwens has dropped hints on who will be performing at the event next February and all signs are pointing to the country singer! According to the site, "this year’s performer already has serious ties to the National Football League." Carrie is responsible for the 'Sunday Night Football' theme song and she'll be performing 'Waiting All Day for Sunday Night' to kickoff each 2014 season game. Pretty strong ties, we'd say!

TerezOwens added that they've got exclusive insider info, and that chances are pretty high that Carrie will be one of the performers. "A few inside sources revealed to us that Carrie Underwood most likely will be doing the super bowl halftime show this year," the site revealed.

Hopefully Carrie will confirm or deny soon so we can start counting down the days if true!

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