Good news for those of us who like to dance! Calvin Harris is working on a new record called ’18 Months.’


Harris hasn’t released an album in the three years since ‘Ready for the Weekend,’ in part because he’s been pretty busy. The Scottish DJ has produced some massive hits for other artists (hello, Rihanna‘s ‘We Found Love!’) and performing his own at festivals worldwide, including Coachella. Perhaps bolstered by the success of ‘Feel So Close’ and ‘Let’s Go,’ we’ll be hearing more of Harris’ infectious beats on Oct. 29 when ’18 Months’ hits shelves.

The megaproducer announced some of his collaborators on Twitter, and they sound pretty phenomenal. Look at this roster!

We figured he’d work with Rihanna again, because, well, their previous collaborations were some of the biggest hits of 2011 and 2012, but the rest of the lineup is not only solid, but surprising. We imagine his work with Ellie Goulding will be a pretty intriguing listen, and based on the remix of ‘Spectrum’ that he did for Florence + the Machine, we really can’t wait to get our hands — er, ears — on that, either. Their duet, ‘Sweet Nothing,’ will be the first single from the album, and Harris tweeted that they’re filming the video today (Aug. 23).

One thing we’re hoping for, though? That Harris sings on this record. He’s been threatening not to forever, but come on, man — ‘Feel So Close’ is so awesome in part because of his signature croon!

Listen to Calvin Harris Feat. Ne Yo ‘Lets Go (Cash Cash Remix)’

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