Is it weird nobody is panicking a little bit more about this?

Almost straight out of a movie script, a blogger named Bill Gray posted his observations and analysis of data in a post on his blog, where he declared with certainty that a busted down SpaceX rocket will collide with the moon on March 4, 2022. Since his observation, astronomers and very important people around the world have taken notice and concur.

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The old Falcon 9 second stage booster was blasted into space from Florida - of course, Florida - back in February of 2015. It weighs about 3 1/2 tons, and with the moon's lack of Earth-like atmosphere, will not be burned up as it approaches. Instead, the space junk is destined to make certain impact on the moon's surface. It is projected to be traveling at a speed of 2.58 kilometers per second when it hits.

I'm not a mathematician, but if 2.58 kilometers equals 1.6 miles, then that means it's traveling 1.6 miles per second. There are 3,600 seconds in an hour. 1.6 miles multiplied by 3,600 seconds means that it's going to hit the moon at a speed of roughly 5,760 miles per hour.

And I repeat, nobody is panicking about this at all.

This will be the first documented case of human created space junk colliding with the moon, especially of this size, though astronomers do theorize that plenty of other things have hit the moon in its history, leading to what we observe as craters all across its surface.

Where the rocket will impact the moon isn't precisely known, but the impact is predicted to be at or around 5:25 AM Mountain Time on March 4th.

The question is, will we be able to see it? Unfortunately, while not 100% certain, the answer is that we likely won't notice, even if you're looking right at the moon when it hits. That's because we only see a portion of the moon from earth - whatever the sun reflects - and the rocket will likely hit a portion that we cannot see. Additionally, the impact will occur only a few days after a new moon, which if you paid attention in Astronomy class, is the phase where the moon is between Earth and the Sun, therefore the "lit up" side of it is facing away from us, meaning we see much less of it.

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Worth noting, the last SpaceX launch occurred just last week, on January 18th, from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

We will wait and see what happens on March 4! By the way, no word on whether or not Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck have been notified to try and round up the old team.

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