Ever since word got out that there would be a Buc-ee's in Colorado, a lot of people have been excited; a lot of people have also been confused about it being a truck stop.

With all the things that Buc-ee's locations have, there are a few things that set them apart from a truck stop. Yes, they do share similarities, but make no mistake: Buc-ee's is not a place for over-the-road drivers.

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Clearly, with over 100 fuel pumps, it's not ridiculous for a Coloradan to think that Buc-Ee's has brought a new truck stop to I-25. Bring that up to any Buc-ee's fan, and they'll laugh in your face, or punch you in the throat; they definitely take offense.

When Buc-ee's looks to bring a new store to a location, they do a lot of research. Part of that research must be to see if the area can benefit from having a "gas station" that has over 100 pumps, as it seems to be their signature feature, aside from the Beaver Nuggets.

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However, just because a place has a crazy amount of fuel pumps, does not a truck stop make. If anything, OTR drivers have to be fairly frustrated that Buc-ee's is not a truck stop; I could easily see a trucker being at a truck stop, and Ubering over to Buc-ee's to get some stuff.

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Maybe at some point, Buc-ee's will become a truck stop; they only started putting locations outside of Texas in 2019, so, things could change.

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 Yes, they do share similarities, but make no mistake: Buc-Ee's is not a place for over-the-road drivers.

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