Brothers argue from time to time, that’s certain. When a fight escalates to one of the brothers shooting the other, that’s an anomaly. One of those anomalies happened Sunday night in Loveland, leaving one brother in jail, and the other in the hospital.

Sean Ian Halla
Loveland Police Services

I have a brother who’s three years younger. When we were kids, you better believe we’d fight. We still get into it today; nobody knows you better and knows how to push your buttons, like your brother. However, we’ve never once put one of us in the hospital, in serious condition.

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how on Sunday night in Loveland (May 1, 2016), two brothers got into an argument.  The argument escalated, with them going outside. In the end, one of the brothers got his gun out of his truck, and shooting the other brother in the neck.   Wow. Take it to the extreme, often?

It’s not like it was a real good argument, either. Not a ‘You slept with my girlfriend?’ argument. Not a ‘You took $200 out of my wallet!’ argument. Not a ‘You cut me out of the family business!’ argument. No, these brothers were fighting over some sort of testosterone supplement. The supplement seems to be working.

The older brother was selling the supplement to the younger brother for $180 a week, then increased the cost to $210.  That’s when it hit the fan. Once the two brothers were outside, the older brother hit the younger brother in the face. The younger brother then got his gun out his truck; shot once to the ground, then shot his brother in the neck.

Jason Halla, 30, was taken with life-threatening injuries to Medical Center of the Rockies; Sean Halla (above) 26, was arrested on first-degree assault charges.