We've all seen or heard about fights in the stands at football and hockey games, rude hecklers at baseball games and soccer hooligans. But it sounds like bad sportsmanship among fans has spilled over into the cycling world. A rider in the Tour De France had urine thrown on him by a spectator during a time-trial.


During the 11th stage of the 2013 Tour de France individual time trial, British cycling star Mark Cavendish was struck by urine thrown at him by someone watching.

According to Bicycling.com,

The incident happened during the 33-kilometer individual time trial from Avranches to Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, a day after Cavendish was blamed for a collision that sent Argos-Shimano rider Tom Veelers crashing to the ground in Saint-Malo.

Yup, it sounds like someone in the crowd was 'pissed' that Cavendish may have caused a wreck involving their favorite cyclist. Talk about a juvenile (and probably dangerous) way to get back at him.

I will hand it to the cyclists, they all seemed to handle the incident with class stood up for all the other fans that weren't tossing bodily fluids at competitors.


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