One of the greatest things about living in Northern Colorado is that on any given night when the skies are clear and the light pollution is not too terrible, chances are, you are going to see at least one meteor if you look long enough.

It is always exciting to see one of these meteors shoot briefly across the sky. Most of all the meteors I have ever seen have not lit up the sky, but it doesn't mean that an occurrence like this doesn't happen. When most of us were asleep, one bright fireball flew across the Colorado sky.

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At approximately 4:30 on Sunday morning a meteor lit up the sky in most parts of Colorado. When we say it lit up the sky, it was bright enough to make it appear that the early morning hours were in the middle of the day. One Facebook user, Cindy Sumonia, posted videos from her home outside of Estes Park on the Discover Colorado - Through Your Photos Facebook Group.

Nearly 300 comments on the videos of residents being in awe of the sight. Some even shared their experiences seeing the same fireball lighting up the early morning Colorado sky. People from Littleton, Denver, Park County, Wellington, Fraiser, Castle Rock, Longmont, and numerous other cities and areas from Colorado confirmed they all saw the same bright meteor flash in Colorado.

I for one would have loved to witness this. Sadly, like most on an early Sunday morning, I was in bed fast asleep. I am hoping that one day I will be able to witness a sight such as this in person.

Source: Discover Colorado - Through Your Photographs Facebook Page

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