What the heck am I talking about?  Apparently there is a brand new kind of cosmetic procedure available, and it doesn't require injecting any acids, fat or toxins into the body like Botox does. The main ingredient in this wrinkle- removing procedure is the patient's own blood. Hence the nickname, "vampire face-lift"  (The process is actually called "Selphyl").


The procedure supposedly takes a few weeks to build its full effect, but causes almost no bruising, and no allergy testing is needed because they are using your own blood. It has something to do with taking platelets out of your blood and then injecting the “"platelet-rich fibrin matrix" into your skin.

Kind of gross, but kind of cool.  Read more from The Week. I'm not a big fan of most cosmetic surgeries, but I would be more inclined to buy into a procedure like this that uses  something from your own body as opposed to a chemical cocktail.

FYI, it actually tough to compare Selphyl side-by-side with Botox, as they work in totally different ways.

"It's a different beast, and the two can't really be compared. Selphyl fills in a space, while Botox works by inhibiting muscles. "

And this new procedure has not been evaluated by the F.D.A. yet.

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