Whether you're getting two for yourself or bringing a coffee date along for the deal, you'll be able to snag two Starbucks Macchiatos for the price of one through Monday, March 6.

I just had someone tell me she's abstaining from Starbucks for the time being because she spent "a ton, like A TON" of money on drinks last week. While I don't typically order Starbucks myself, I did happen to try a grande Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato this week and it was spectacular; now I understand why people are willing to fork over their wallets for Starbucks on a daily basis.

From Thursday, March 2 through Monday, March 6 between 2-5 p.m., you'll get to save a little bit of money on Macchiatos with a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal. The offer applies to new Macchiato flavors of any size (hot or iced) and the second drink must be equal or lesser value to the first drink, 9NEWS reports.

If you're a regular at Starbucks, you know where to find one. But if you don't go there frequently, here's a list of Northern Colorado locations.

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