Because men probably wouldn't come if it was wine & paint a canvas. If you are female, you have probably have somewhere in your house, maybe the bathroom, a hand painted tree, perhaps an owl or even a forest of trees. Almost every girl has experienced the wine and paint shops that are all over Colorado. Now, guys have their very own equivalent to the wine & paint phenomenon.

Hosted at the Blue Moon Brewery (yep, Colorado even makes Blue Moon) located at 3750 Chestnut Place Denver, CO 80216, the Paint, Woodart, & Craft Beer is this Tuesday, February 21st, from 6pm to 7:30pm. The event is presented by Build & Brew, a company that started the beer and wood painting craze. With a very Colorado twist on the whole drink & paint concept, they bring in wood canvases, making it unique next to the lady in your life's flowery spring theme canvas.

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