BIKE TO WORK DAY IS TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JUNE 22ND!   Take part and use the tips below to maximum your enjoyment and safety.  Find a Loveland breakfast station, Fort Collins breakfast station or Greeley breakfast station to make your ride a tasty one!  Stop by and see Kama broadcasting live from the Oak Street Plaza breakfast station in Fort Collins from 7am-9am!


  • Remember to smile as you bicycle past the rows of cars waiting at the intersection – it's just polite.
  • Most people don't need to shower after a morning commute. But if you want to freshen up, a few toiletries like a washcloth, hand towel, brush or comb are convenient and easy to use.
  • Your skull is only about as thick as a dinner plate – and about as fragile. Consider wearing a helmet whenever you ride.
  • The right tire pressure will help you avoid flats, ride smoother and coast farther. Check your pressure once a week to ensure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Fort Collins has nearly 250 miles of bike lanes, routes and trails. To find an easy and safe bike route for your commute, check our city's bike map. You can get one on the web at www.fcgov.com/bicycling, at our local bike shops, city offices and recreation facilities, the CSU Lory Student Center, and at our local libraries.
  • Eat … pedal… eat … pedal… eat … pedal. Don't miss one of the 19 breakfast stations throughout Fort Collins on Bike to Work Day, June 22.
  • Test your senses. Try to identify the different aromas you smell on your daily ride – you'll be amazed at the varieties of flowers we have in our community.
  • Motorists are accustomed to watching for large vehicles. Make you and your bike look big by wearing as much reflective clothing as possible.
  • Remember to track your mileage during Bike to Work Week. Tracking forms are available on line at www.fcgov.com/bicyling.
  • Bike Month has activities scheduled for all ages and all abilities. Check the SmartTrips™ web site at www.fcgov.com/bicycling for clinics, races, workshops and lots more fun throughout the entire month of June.
  • You don't have to be an athlete to ride a bike to work. Get out and ride just for the fun of it.
  • No pre-determined schedules. No waiting. No clocks to watch. Enjoy the fun and freedom of riding a bike to work. Anyone can do it.
  • Too far to commute by bike? Consider riding to the closest Transfort stop and bussing it from there.
  • Riding one-handed can be dangerous. Save eating your morning bagel until you get to work.
  • Challenge your friends to see who can ride the most consecutive amount of days. You may be surprised at how motivational a little competition can be.
  • Be a role model to your kids – wear your bike helmet.
  • Protect your manicured toesies. Wear full-coverage shoes instead of sandals when you ride.
  • Have fun. Enjoy Bike to Work Day on June 22.

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