Denver's music scene is about to change pretty drastically.

Beta Nightclub is more than just your standard nightclub-- Beta was voted "one of the top 25 best clubs of all time by Billboard Magazine, as well as taking the number one spot for dance clubs in America by Rolling Stone in 2013" (Source, 303 Magazine).

In a Facebook post, the club owners said the following:

We want to honor what we set out to do, honor our DJs for their devotion to their craft, honor our staff and promoters for their dedication, and most importantly, honor our fans who have shared their valuable time with us. It is with that reflection that we acknowledge the need to take this time to reset, recalibrate, and re-familiarize ourselves with our promise. Our reputation reflects our integrity and we want to remain true to what we stood for. (Beta Nightclub)

For more information, you can read 303 Magazine's full article right here. Denver's EDM scene is reeling at the announcement, but hopefully whatever comes next for the club owners will fufill their mantra.

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