Valentines Day is just around the corner and for most couple, that means a nice dinner out on the town. A lot of people are looking for that perfect place for a Valentine's Day dinner in Fort Collins and I'm here some ideas to help.

Before I even get into the restaurants, might I suggest that you decide where you want to go and put in your reservation as soon as you can. (But, bear in mind that some restaurants don't take reservations, and some may not take them this early.) According to The Consumerist, around 44% of couples dine out on Valentine’s Day and fewer than half of those couple bother to make reservations. That means a lot of places could have long waits, or no room for you at all. (Being the thoughtless goof that botched dinner plans a a surefire way to have a very un-romantic Valentine's Day.) Now, on to the restaurants!

I think you could have a romantic dinner at just about any restaurant in town, given the right person and the right situation. But here are a few places in town that I'd love to go for a nice V-Day dinner, in no particular order. Feel free to use them as a starting point in your search for the perfect place.

Melting Pot Fort Collins
Melting Pot Fort Collins, Facebook

The Melting Pot - 334 E. Mountain Avenue - (970) 207-0100 - This one (for me) is a little on the pricey side, but it is a dinner eating experience, not just a dinner. So, it seems Valentine's Day could be perfect excuse to splurge. If you've never been before, bear in mind it is a fondue restaurant and you cook most of you own food at your table. (So if you're a klutz, you might want to have your someone special do most of the fondue-ing.)

Jay's Bistro Fort Collins
Jay's Bistro, Facebook

Jay's Bistro - 135 West Oak Street - (970) 482-1876 - This is one of Fort Collins' long standing traditions for many people. Jay's has been at it for 30+ years and they know how to cater to special occasions. (You could spice up your evening with some live jazz from Mark Sloniker while you eat, depending on when you go.)



Taverna Greek Grill, Facebook
Taverna Greek Grill, Facebook

Taverna Greek Grill - 4325 S. College Avenue - (970) 266-1798 - I could eat their gyro meat every day for the rest of my life and die a happy man. They have lots of other good food too, but what makes this place a nice "special occasion" restaurant is the atmosphere. Greek dancing, plate breaking, and all kinds of pizazz that can make your romantic dinner an exciting one. (They even have a flaming cheese appetizer...delicious and impressive.)


Chocolate Cafe


The Chocolate Cafe - 102 W. Olive - (970) 482-2725 - Don't be fooled by the name, there is more than just chocolate here. They have  plenty of delectable, non-chocolate offerings, but let's face it. Chocolate is the language of love and this little gem in Old Town Fort Collins could be the perfect dinner or dessert spot for you and your sweetheart.


Canyon Chop House
Canyon Chop House, Facebook


The Canyon Chop House211 Canyon Avenue - (970) 493-9588 - Unique gourmet food, 60+ beers, an extensive wine list, and a a friendly atmosphere make this a good option for your romantic dinner. (And if you're trying to show off, reading their menu offerings makes you sound like a total foodie.)


Dinner Detective


Midtown Arts Center (The Dinner Detective) - 3750 South Mason Street - (970) 225-2555 - I still have "go see a murder mystery dinner theatre" on my to-do list, and this would be right down my wife's alley. Hence, it could be a perfect Valentine's Day date that is more than just dinner.



Okole Maluna
Okole Maluna, Facebook

Okole Maluna431 Main Street, Windsor, CO - (970) 686-8844 -  Okole Maluna rounds out my list. Although it is not in Fort Collins, it is certainly worth the short drive to Windsor. Authentic Hawaiian food and menu offerings you won't find anywhere else in town. Plus, their extensive 'tropical' drink menu could help you bring back romantic memories of a past beach getaway.


Now, what  are some other restaurants that could make for good "romantic" dinner destinations?

Where else would be a great place to take someone for a great romantic dinner in town? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what I missed.

And I'll stand by the fact that ANY restaurant could make for a great  romantic dinner, it all just depends on what you're into. Happy eating! (And don't forget your reservations.)