Penelope's “World Famous” burgers and fries
Todd Harding, TSM

My wife, Jenny, and I were in Estes Park for the weekend for a wedding. We ate lunch at Penelope's “World Famous” burgers and fries. I had the mushroom and Swiss burger and it was without a doubt the best burger I have ever had in Estes Park and may be the best burger I have ever eaten in Northern Colorado. Jenny had the regular cheeseburger and had the same experience.

It's is no surprise that Penelope's is "World Famous" or that they were voted "Best Burger in Estes Park. They get my vote too!

The hamburgers are made of fresh, not frozen, 100% ground beef! The hamburger is made after you order it. It's not sitting under a heat lamp for 10 or 15 minutes. The french fries are great too. They are fresh cut in Penelope's kitchen. It's well worth a drive up to Estes Park from anywhere in Northern Colorado.


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