I mean, it was only a matter of time, right?

First, there was weed legalization in Colorado. Then came products like The Hemperor from New Belgium (which is actually made with hemp, but you catch my drift), which smells like a joint as soon as you crack open the bottle. Now, Ben and Jerry's is hopefully— maybe— getting into the CBD game.

Ben and Jerry's has long been a supporter of legalizing cannibis, and they're using this potential ice cream to move things forward even more. In a statement on their website, Ben and Jerry's said:

Currently, the FDA prohibits adding CBD to food and beverages. But change is on the horizon: They’ve set a public hearing on the legalization of CBD-infused foods and beverages for May 31st, and we’ve submitted a comment to them in support of legalization.

CBD is a hot food and drink trend at the moment, and lots of national brands are taking a stance for legalization...it makes sense that the ice cream company would be one of the loudest voices.

The ice cream company encourages customers to leave a comment for the FDA in support of legalizing CBD products, which you can do here.

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