The date, Friday January 21st.  The place, The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO.  I was on-hand to see the sold out the '30 Seconds To Mars' show.  "Why the heck is Jared Leto wearing bright green pants and have a sweater tied around his neck," you ask?

Friday night's shows was one of 30STM's famous theme nights.  This was the 'yuppie/preppy' themed show, so the whole band went all out with tacky, over-the-top, yuppie/preppy wardrobes.  I do have to say that front man Jared Leto really finished off his look when he came on  stage complete with a sweater tied around his neck, bright green dockers, and a tennis racket in his hand for the first couple of songs.  Read more about the band's upcoming theme nights HERE.

30 STM put on a pretty good show; lots of energy, lots of jumping, and lots of crowd interaction.  They were on stage for nearly 2 hours.  I think my one issue with the show was when Jared Leto played a handful of songs with nothing but an acoustic guitar.  Don't get me wrong, I love acoustic versions of songs, but I'm pretty sure this part of the show lasted 20-30 minutes and it felt almost like he was stalling for something.  But hey, maybe the rest of the band needed a break. ( It was nice to not hear a band complaining about the altitude for once.)

Overall, it was a great show. They finished up with an encore of "Kings and Queens' in which they brought about 20-30 fans on stage to make for an epic finale to the night. It's easy to see why 30STM has such a rabid fan following.