Nappy Roots had a good day in Fort Collins yesterday (January 9).

The rap group was in high spirits before the show, enjoying, well, spirits. As my coworker and I sat down to speak with them, we were immediately offered shots of bourbon.

Not bad for a Thursday night.

The conversation quickly turned to beer, as the "Good Day" rappers run their own brewery, Atlantucky Brewing.

"The first time brewing was interesting, but it was a disaster," said Skinny DeVille. "We thought we made it correctly, until we tasted it and realized it tasted like pot water....temperature is key."

Now that Nappy Roots has gotten the hang of the brewing game, they enjoy trying out different breweries on tour. This time, they visited Odell's in Denver.

Beer is part of what helped bring the Kentucky natives, who met at Western Kentucky University, together in the early 1990s.

"Drinking the beer, [smoking], and doing music," said Ron Clutch. "We're still doing the same things that we were doing in college...we're just big dreamers."

Their dreams paid off, with their debut album Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz rising to #3 on the hip-hop charts. Still, their success has not affected their egos — chatting with DeVille, Clutch, and Fish Scales felt like talking to old friends.

The trio even gave advice to those who want to enter the rap game.

"Start with your neighborhood, your town, and get them behind you," said Clutch. "Everybody's online right now and you can build your fan base online, but when you've actually got your city, your town, your neighborhood behind you...that's something big."

I decided to give them some return advice, so I told them to head to Krazy Karl's for a famous Fort Collins cream cheese pizza.

I have no idea if they actually went, but either way, it was a great show.



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