During its heyday, Ashton Kutcher's celebrity prank show Punk'd was one of the most revered on MTV. The show gave fans a glimpse at stars' unfettered reactions to made-up catastrophes, all in the name of comedy. The tears and breakdowns were legendary, but it turns out, Kutcher left some of the stars' more embarrassing reactions -- like one from known sensitive soul, Drake -- on the cutting room floor.

“We punk'd Drake and created an earthquake inside of a parking garage,” Kutcher revealed to James Corden during a recent appearance on The Late Late Show. “He was in the car, and we started rattling the car. He jumped in his buddy’s lap and he like ‘fetaled up.’ He like ‘Canadian fettled up’ into his buddy’s lap...and then we had to cut that out."

Danny Masterson, who starred alongside Kutcher on That '70s Show, was there to confirm that the cut Punk’d footage is, indeed, blackmail-worthy levels of embarrassing.

"I would say for everybody who's been punk’d, don't actually piss him off,” he said. "Because the footage that doesn't make it on is incriminating to say the least."

Kutcher then divulged another time he spooked a “very well-respected” hip-hop artist so well they had to cut the episode entirely.

After bringing a guy on the artist’s private plane to find a suspicious package (that was actually full of harmless puppies), the artist got off the plane and took off running.

"I had to run after him for like two miles to catch him," Ashton said. "Cause he was just gone…I literally ran after this guy for two miles to calm him down and he was like, ‘That ain’t even funny.’”

Watch Drake's episode of Punk'd above, and try to imagine how things could get more embarrassing than that. Does it put all those past episodes into perspective? Was Justin Timberlake's open weeping just the tip of the iceberg? Did Beyonce have a meltdown after knocking over an enormous Christmas tree? Did Pete Wentz ever figure out what to tell that kid about the angry Santa? Will we ever get the answer to these questions?

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