Ariana Grande was at Red Rocks this week and we had no idea she was there.

A couple months ago I speculated she'd make a cameo at Red Rocks on Halloween because her boyfriend, Mac Miller, had a show there that night. They have a couple collaborations but had no shows or tours on her schedule, so I thought that perhaps she'd make it to Denver for some Halloween fun. Also when you're dating someone, it kind of stinks celebrating a fun holiday without your S.O., right? (Right! I spent a cozy night in watching scary movies with my man for Halloween and had a blast.)

Scrolling through my news feed last night, I saw an article from Billboard titled Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Celebrate Halloween With Three Clever Couples Costumes, and I freaked out knowing that Ariana was probably in Denver for Halloween.

Sure enough, these Instagram photos popped up as evidence that Ariana was definitely celebrating Halloween in Colorado. This one is OBVIOUSLY at Red Rocks.

And then there was this photo of them dressed as the main characters from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

And then...Ariana Grande could not contain her "love, excitement and adoration" for Mac Miller.

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