Ariana Grande just announced stops for her Dangerous Woman tour which starts in February. Between now and then, there's a show at Red Rocks at which there's a possibility she could make a cameo.


Ariana's boyfriend, rapper and producer Mac Miller, is performing at Red Rocks on October 31 for Halloween on the Rocks with multiple special guests. Because Ariana doesn't have anything going on tour-wise until early 2017, and if she's still dating Mac Miller on Halloween (I'm sure they will be), I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say there's a chance she could show up.

Aside from Mac Miller rapping on a remix of Ariana's "Into You," he's reportedly dropping a collaboration called "My Favorite Part," on which Ariana features, so there's plenty of material here for her to jump on-stage and perform with him.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

For anyone who's followed these 2 lovebirds since the early days before their romance, you'll remember Mac Miller featured on Ariana's breakout single "The Way."

So am I totally crazy for wondering if Ariana Grande will show up at Red Rocks? I personally don't think so. But I also cannot stress enough that this is 100% NOT true (yet?), and it's merely a question I'm asking: Will Ariana Grande make a cameo at Red Rocks on Halloween? We'll see!

If she doesn't come to Red Rocks with Mac Miller, rest assured that she'll be in Denver on April 2 for her Dangerous Woman tour.

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