If you're a fried chicken fan in Colorado, this place might be your new favorite chicken destination. The chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches here look amazing.

Best Chicken Tenders & Sandwiches In Colorado?

If your kids, or maybe even you, are like my 6-year-old, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, or even chicken sandwiches, and fries are a daily food request when giving them the option of what to eat. Let's be honest, you can only eat so much from the big fast food joints before you just have to find something new. Lucky for you, there is a chicken restaurant in Colorado with multiple locations around the state to get you some tasty 100% all-natural chicken.

Birdcall Chicken In Colorado

Founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, Birdcall Chicken has 8 Colorado locations, one in Arizona, and plans for Texas as well. They're all about Colorado as their chicken comes straight from Colorado farms, their bread comes from a local Colorado baking company, and heck even the spices come from Colorado. Their reviews are awesome and people seem to really love how fresh and flavorful their fried chicken is. Here are some pictures of some of the amazing-looking food you can get from Birdcall.

Pictures From Birdcall Fried Chicken In Colorado

These tenders and Birdcalls signature sauce look so bomb.

Who doesn't love a good fried chicken sandwich?

Maybe you like yours a little more dolled up... They have you covered.

Is my mouth the only one watering?

They even have breakfast at their Whole Foods locations.

Award-winning means they're pretty tasty, right?

People really heart their chicken sandwiches, clearly.

Could you eat all three of these? I'd give it a shot...

We're always looking for new local places to try, and while Birdcall now had multiple locations, including out of Colorado, this is still a very local Colorado spot that we can not wait to try for ourselves.

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