Seeing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Colorado won't be possible, but it doesn't mean we can't have some fun. surrounding it.

April 8, 2024, will be the day of the event, as the eclipse passes from south of Texas northeasterly towards Maine. Over 30 million Americans will be in the path of the eclipse and will get a great, safe, view of it.

Why not get out in Colorado that day, and have a special "eclipse" cocktail, to soothe your envy of those Americans.

Eclipse Cocktail at Colorado Applebee's

Just in time for the Total Solar Eclipse, Applebee's locations, including those in Colorado, will be offering the "Perfect Eclipse Margarita." This is the kind of drink special that I can get in to: Take a big, national event, and wrap a cool drink around it.

What is the 'Perfect Eclipse' Margarita?

According to FSR Magazine the margarita:

blends Patrón Premium Silver Blanco Tequila and Citrónge Orange Liqueur with a dash of Monin Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit and lemon and lime.

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How Much is the 'Perfect Eclipse' Margarita?

They do already serve their [regular] "Perfect Margarita" for $9.50; so the "Perfect Eclipse" should run about the same amount.

Limited Time, But Not Just for April 8

Though the Total Solar Eclipse is on Monday, April 8, we can still pop in to our local Colorado Applebee's through Sunday, April 14, to get that special margarita.

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That should give us plenty of time to get in. Maybe, you could wear sunglasses while you sip, to keep up the fun of it.

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