Animal lovers everywhere rejoiced when Denver decided to repeal their 31-year-old ban on pit bulls on November 3, 2020. It had been a long fight against public officials, including the Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who opposed the ban on the animals.

Now, another Colorado city is thinking about following suit: Aurora.

This issue was originally put to a vote in 2014, according to 9News, but since then public support for the ordinance has increased and animal survey outreach has shown that a repeal of the ban is what the voters truly want.

According to Pet Companion Magazine, pit bulls make up the largest percentage of dogs in shelters across the United States. Repealing this ban in Aurora may mean that less dogs get euthanized and more are able to live in loving homes in Colorado.

The ordinance, which was moved forward in a 7-3 vote, will have to pass a final vote in the next City Council meeting in order to be finalized, according to 9News. Animal lovers, cross your fingers!

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