Was there a present that just lit up your Christmas?

Christmas is just about here and I can barely contain myself. It's a holiday that always makes me feel like a kid again. I love to treat every day of the season like the magical morsel that it is. Now, you may not be as into it as I am, but you may have been at one point.

Close your eyes for a second and think about your favorite Christmas as a kid.

Can you see the living room you're sitting in? Maybe you can smell the coffee brewing as mom and dad wipe their sleepy eyes. Or maybe you're surrounded by extended family that are visiting from out of town. You mom reaches for a package with your name on it and you just know that it's the one.

What did that package hold?

What present was so important to you that if you didn't get it, you were sure you would die? The one you asked for all year round whenever the opportunity presented itself. The toy or gadget that you sketched on a piece of notebook paper and kept tucked under you pillow at night so you could dream about it.

I want to know what that was for you.

I'll never forget when our parents bought us a trampoline. They didn't stay up all night assembling it, but when my brother and I went downstairs Christmas morning and saw that massive box, we knew. We bounced on that thing until our legs gave out and then did it all over again the next day, for years and years.

Feel free to share your favorite Christmas memory with us below or on social media.

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