Anna Kendrick is so cute. No, seriously. She is adorbs in that neurotic, "OMG!!," Taylor Swift-like "I can't believe I'm famous" sorta way. She proved it when she relayed how she fangirled upon meeting Beyonce at the Grammys while appearing on 'Conan.'

"I am totally obsessed with Beyonce and I walked past [her] at one point and because I am not worthy, I did not look at her," Kendrick told the late night host. "We did make a detour down in front just to walk past Beyonce, just to get some of the aura."

A friend pointed out to the actress that Bey had motioned for Kendrick to come over, but Kendrick didn't see it at first and panicked! She gathered the courage and went over to exchange pleasantries with the Queen, who said she and Jay Z had watched Kendrick on the Kennedy Center Honors. Bey even pointed out that AK wore a red dress.

"She said I had a little red dress on, which means that she actually watched it or I was having a stroke and imagined the entire thing," Kendrick joked in a manner cribbed right from the T. Swift playbook.

Kendrick also said Katy Perry finger-banged her cleavage. Use your imagination!

Kendrick also posted a pic of her and Bey on her Instagram, complete with a big graphic heart, and said they will be BFFs or Bey'll get a restraining order. So freakin' adorbs.

See the pic below.

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