My family goes to Anderson Farms in Erie, Colorado every year to not only do the fun daytime stuff like the pumpkin patch, hayrides, petting zoo, and so on; but we also LOVE doing the Haunted Corn Maze as well! This past weekend, one of the actors from “Terror in the Corn” experienced a medical emergency while on the job.

If you’ve ever driven west on HWY 52 you’ve no doubt seen the giant Pumpkin Tower at Anderson Farms in Erie. This past Sunday night, there was a disturbance on the farm during their famous nighttime extravaganza. According to Fox 31 News, an actor, who still remains nameless for privacy purposes, needed medical help from First Responders while on the job this past Sunday night inside of Terror in the Corn.

There is no word on what exactly happened, but the actor is now recovering at home. Oddly enough, my youngest daughter was there with some friends on Sunday night and I overheard her telling my wife on Monday about how they had part of the maze closed off because they were having to “take someone out on a stretcher”, but didn’t know any more than that. Information is still being gathered from other employees who witnessed the incident, but we’re all hoping for a full recovery as we know a lot of folks at the farm from going so many times over the years, and they all seem to really enjoy it there!

Photo: RL TSM
Photo: RL TSM

My family and I were just there together on Saturday night. We always get a big crew together and go through Terror in the Corn, which was extended to be at least a mile long this year, and we had an absolute blast! We also do the Zombie Paintball which is the only time I get to do anything with a paintball gun!

One of the coolest parts of the maze this year was that both of my daughters are old enough and “brave” enough to go through with us, making it a true family tradition! As mentioned earlier, my daughter also made plans to do it again on Sunday which is when this incident occurred.

Have you ever been through a haunted corn maze? Which one is your favorite?

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