11 entrants, 11 amazing costumes-- these Northern Colorado residents REALLY wanted to make it to Lady Gaga ENIGMA, her now-iconic Vegas residency. Only one could win, though, and only one got the winning amount of votes-- however, it was one of the closest races we've seen in a long time.

Poll results

Congrats to MOLLIE, who got 20,841 votes on her Lady Gaga outfit recreation! Here's the outfit in all its gorgeous glory:

Courtesy of Christine Grissom
Courtesy of Christine Grissom

Here's the outfit Mollie was recreating:

Here's Mollie's initial entry, courtesy of her mother, Christine Grissom:

This is Mollie, she is 5. Lady Gaga is her absolute favorite, “Million Reasons “ is her favorite song ever. Mollie has intractable epilepsy and for a few months was waking up with nocturnal seizures every night. She would get anxiety after and would just want to listen to “Million Reasons “ over and over on the kitchen floor with mom or dad until she felt better. To see Lady Gaga for her first concert would be a dream come true for Mollie.

Well, Mollie, your dream is certainly coming true...99.9 The Point is sending you (and a legal guardian, of course) to Las Vegas to see Lady Gaga LIVE on her Enigma tour.

Congratulations to every single entrant in the contest-- we had a record amount of votes, with over 70,000 pouring in over the course of the contest.

Stay tuned for more amazing giveaways from 99.9 The Point-- Today's Variety.

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