We live in Northern Colorado, which is basically the craft beer capital of America.

So, you'd think our choice beer for the Super Bowl would be something like...a pristine Odell's original? A crisp New Belgium amber? Or something so exclusively NoCo that I don't even know about it?

Nope. The Daring Kitchen released a study revealing America's choice Super Bowl Beers, and they are far from craft specialties.

Let's start with Colorado. Our favorite Super Bowl beer is...drum roll please...Coors freakin' Light.

Now, I understand that Colorado is home to this alcoholic "mountain water." And it may be that the beer's lightness helps combat a stomach full of Super Bowl food.

But making Coors Light our number one beer for Sunday? I am shocked.

Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Michigan, and New York all shared our affinity for Coors Light.

The rest of the country followed suit with a taste for, dare I say, weak beers.

America's choice beers for Super Bowl Sunday. Courtesy of The Daring Kitchen.
America's choice beers for Super Bowl Sunday. Courtesy of The Daring Kitchen.

California, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida all prefer Bud Light.

Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina took it one step further and went for a traditional Budweiser.

Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey chose Miller Lite.

Washington, Oregon, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut were the only semi-outliers, choosing a dark Guinness.

The study concluded all of this insanity by tracking Twitter data from the past week. Every time someone mentioned a beer and the Super Bowl in a certain state, their tweet was tracked.

So, this isn't totally accurate. Maybe you Facebook users can save some face.

Either way, let's all take a moment to let the grim reality sink it that America's overall favorite Super Bowl beer is Bud Light.

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