Workers are calling out their companies during the stressful conditions of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For many in America, staying at home is not an option: essential workers are still working hard to deliver groceries and goods to those around the world, as Amazon and Instacart employees have been doing this week. Today, though, they decided "enough is enough".

If you have used Instacart in Northern Colorado before (and especially this week), workers are asking you to not shop on the app today, March 30. Workers from both Amazon and Instacart are also asking for, according to NPR: "more access to paid sick time off. At this time, it's available only to those who have tested positive for the coronavirus or get placed on mandatory self-quarantine."

Amazon workers are also asking that their facility be cleaned and disinfected more frequently.

Both companies have admitted to making changes, like raising pay for Amazon workers and making hand sanitizer available to Instacart shoppers, according to CNN. In the middle of a tumultuous time, let's hope that these companies and employees can find a middle ground.

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