The stars of the American Motorcyclist Association Supercross are making their way to the Mile High City this weekend and taking over Empower Field at Mile High. Are you ready?

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AMA Supercross
AMA Supercross

AMA Supercross Championship In Denver, Colorado

Almost all of us have seen dirtbikes and their extremely talented riders doing high-flying tricks in the air or racing through the arenas across Colorado. I just saw some awesome dirtbike stunt teams at a recent Monster Jam show I went to at Ball Arena. These guys are crazy... Absolutely nuts. But I'm told that until you've seen a Supercross show outside at a stadium like Mile High, you ain't seen nothing yet.

AMA Supercross At Empower Field At Mile High In Colorado

AMA Supercross
AMA Supercross

The "Monster Energy AMA Supercross" is where some of the world’s highest-caliber, dirtbike motorcycle riders compete for all of the marbles, the 2023 Supercross Championship. We're talking over 17 rounds on a custom-designed track inside Mile High Stadium this Saturday. The 250 and 450 classes feature the sport’s top-tier riders including Malcolm Stewart, Jason Anderson, and Cooper Webb. These riders will race for the premier 450 Class Championship currently held by Eli Tomac. This season, the Supercross riders will earn points toward the new SuperMotocross World Championship. Here's a video of some of what you'll see this Saturday in Denver.

The awesome Supercross riders return to Empower Field at Mile High this Saturday, May 6th, and are sure to amaze you. You can get tickets here or pick some up at the Empower Field at Mile High box office this weekend. The weather as of now is absolutely perfect so get out and enjoy that beautiful Colorado sunshine this weekend for the Supercross Championship.

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