The Backstreet Boys' Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency was just announced on Friday (September 23), but already one of the group's namesake Boys is dishing on what to expect from the "mind-blowing" show, as well as how another '90s pop icon influenced their decision to hit Sin City.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, AJ McLean revealed that a conversation with Britney Spears, which took place backstage at her own Vegas show, Piece of Me, inspired the beloved boy band to commit to a residency.

"We’ve known Brit for years. Me and Kevin went to see her show earlier this year and right before it started she had me come up to her dressing room to take a selfie with us," McLean said.

"We started talking and I was asking lots of questions [about her show], like 'How do you like this? Is it cool? 'Cause we’re trying to do the same thing,'" the Backstreet Boy added.

"She literally said, 'This is the best job ever!' She said that it’s hard work, but easy in the sense that you get to be with your family more than when you’re on tour, and have somewhat of a normal life."

As for the forthcoming show, which kicks off at The Axis at Planet Hollywood on March 1, 2017, McLean says that the group is gearing up for a literally larger than life production, which will include the famed band's greatest hits, like "I Want It That Way" and "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," as well as potential solo performances and acoustic sets.

"We’re hopefully going to have some of the biggest elements from all of our biggest tours, songs and shows," he teased.

"This whole city is about live shows and being over-the-top, so it’s going to be no-holds-barred," McLean continued. "It will be the biggest show we’ve ever done in 24 years because it’s freakin' Vegas. We gotta go big! We literally want people breathless as they leave."

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