The ultimate transplants to Colorado are closer than you think and you can spend a night with them.

You read right...there is a kangaroo farm in Colorado and you can have an experience of a lifetime its only a drive away. Anywhere from stayinga night a being a caretaker to the Kangaroos to just a quick visit and a yoga session with the Kangaroos and it is all right here in our great state. Come in contact with animals you normally wouldn't without a plane ride from DIA.

Zoo Chateau is the place that is perfect for all those that are looking for a little adventure close to home. Not only can you visit and interact with the Kangaroos during the day or join them in the near future for a relaxing and eventful yoga session, but you can acutally stay at the house and be acting care taker. overnight to the Kangaroos. The actual caretakers are still on the property though for safe keeping. What a unique an awesome experience would it be to stay at this hidden treasure of Colorado?

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