The are the daily silent hero. They know birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, appointments, relationships, clients, customers, policy, and they know where all the bodies are buried....figuratively speaking. They also know those days when you call in "sick" but know that you're on the mountain skiing or up at Horsetooth.They are among the most organized and well-tempered people you will ever know. They are the Administrative Professionals that truly run the office and today is their day! It's Administrative Professionals Day!

Here are some interesting stats about our office hero:

  • A Staples survey says that 65% of workers believe the office would fall apart without their administrative assistant. Meanwhile, only 30% of workers believe the same when the boss is out.
  • 42% of bosses say their assistant knows their day better than their spouse.
  • A survey by OfficeTeam reveals that administrative assistants save their bosses at least 8 hours of work a week. That's an average work day a week.
  • 75% of managers say that assistants have more responsibility today than they did 5 years ago.

They also do things that go beyond the job description. For example, Business Management Daily asked administrative assistants for some examples of strange requests made by the boss:

  • Inspect the boss's sandwich every day to make sure it contained no tomatoes
  • Drop off a pet's stool sample at the vet. "He left the container on my desk while I was having lunch."
  • Stuff tissue between the boss's upper lip and teeth, after he chipped a tooth and then glued it back together.
  • Spray the boss's bald head with sunscreen.

By the way, you bosses out there, if you're wondering what to do for your assistant today and everyday, here's another survey from FTD:

  • 52% would like to receive a nice lunch
  • 31% want flowers
  • According to the Staples survey, 62% of administrative professionals say they are not likely to receive a gift this year.

Thank you to all the administrative professionals for all that you do and more. For all the things you are responsible for, we know that choosing the radio station is one of them. We thank you for that as well!

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