Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday and it can be a challenge sometimes to find the right gift for mom. According to a survey from, there really isn't a challenge. The things that mom really wants are the obvious things. For example:

From, Mom's want:
1. Spending quality time with the kids (55%)
2. Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (47%)
3. Gift card (43%)
4. Participating in a family activity (41%)
5. Something homemade (37%) also says more people will be buying gifts for mom this year (75%) than last year (70%). About 60% of people say they'll spend between $6-$50 on the gift.

This list does speak to the heart of mom and it offers a variety of ideas here in Northern Colorado. It could be a picnic at one of the many parks and rec areas or a trip to one of the many incredible restaurants in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, etc. Something to keep our eye on is the current forecast for Sunday: cloudy/small chance of rain/hi of 61.

Here's another option that will thrill your mom big time. It's a huge prize that will treat her real nice and it won't cost you a dime.....MOM ROCKS

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