This Colorado ghost town near Lake City has been on the market for precisely one month. Just a few days ago the abandoned site near Telluride sold for $925,000.

Imagine owning a well-maintained piece of Colorado mining heritage. This is one of Colorado's most famous ghost towns, and as of now, someone owns it outright.

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Everyone Needs To Own a Colorado Ghost Town

There was a time when "keeping up with the Joneses" meant putting a cocktail bar in your basement or adding a swimming pool. That was Colorado of the 1970s. Fast forward to 2023, and what's needed is your own ghost town.

Check Out The Listing For This Property

On February 24, 2023, this property at TBD County Road 36 in Lake City, Colorado, was listed at Sotheby's International Realty. Let me say that again. Seriously, a ghost town in Lake City, Colorado, was listed at Sotheby's International Realty for the low, low price of $925,000.

What Can You Buy In Colorado For $925,000?

What will $925,000 get you when it comes to Colorado ghost towns? How about 305.7153 acres? The listing at Sotheby's International Realty reads:

When you arrive on the property you can feel the history. Ore was originally found in the Carson Mining District in 1881, and countless people came to the area over the years in search of their fortune. The remaining buildings are considered to be one of the most famous Colorado ghost towns. Possibilities are endless for this one of a kind property.

The Possibilities For This Ghost Town Are Endless

What does one do with a ghost town? According to a report for FOX 31 Denver on March 21, 2023, there is "... no indication of what that buyer is going to do with that property."

A Few Suggestions

Typically, there's a reason why people abandon a place, leaving it to become a "ghost town." In this case, there are a number of ways you could repurpose this property. Sotheby's suggests:

  • family retreat
  • hunting lodge
  • summer camp
  • backcountry ski outfit

Unique Qualities of This Property

A few highlights pointed out by Sotheby's include:

  • beaver ponds
  • creeks
  • access to the continental divide
  • never-ending views
  • located in hunting unit 66, very close to 76

Distance From Nearby Colorado Towns

Looking at Google Maps, the ghost town is roughly 12 miles south of Lake City, Colorado. Nearby towns (as the crow flies) include:

  • Creede - 10 miles
  • Silverton - 17.35 miles
  • Ouray - 19.82 miles
  • Durango - 50.24 miles

Somewhere out there is a happy property owner with their own Colorado ghost town. Given the cost of real estate in the world of 2023, the idea of acquiring 305 acres of land for under a million dollars is in and of itself an achievement. Add to it the history of the "town," and a new property owner has a universe of possibilities on their hands.

Own This Colorado Ghost Town For Less Than $1M

UPDATE: After barely a month on the market, this property sold in March 2023 for $925,000.

The Colorado ghost town of Lake City is for sale, and you should buy it right now. This abandoned site near Telluride is on the market, and at under $1,000,000, the price certainly is right.

Imagine owning a well-maintained piece of Colorado mining heritage. This is one of Colorado's most famous ghost towns, and it could be yours.

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