Yes, it is true. There are plans to have Fred Durst, front man of Limp Bizkit, star in his own sitcom on CBS. Maybe he can fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen as TV's biggest wreck.



Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst wants to be the star of his own sitcom, "Douchebag."

According to Deadline, he's already signed a TV deal with CBS TV Studios to work with Eric and Kim Tannenbaum on a comedy. "Douchebag" is the working title.

Durst will star as a rock legend looking to balance his wild touring lifestyle with family life and raising his kids. It will be co-written by Matthew Carlson, best known for Mr. Sunshine.

Durst's manager John Schneider wants in on the action, and will be listed as a non-writing producer for taking the idea to the Tannenbaums. He's already in business with them after he and his brother, actor Rob Schneider, developed a family comedy inspired by their real-life experiences.


Does Fred Durst have any TV experience? A little. He played small parts in Revelations and House, and even has a couple of film production credits with The Education Of Charlie Banks and The Longshots.

So, Fred Durst starring as the titular

Douchebag. Interesting.

In other Limp Bizkit news, the band are soon to be in Japan before touring the US in November. Australians will get a chance to see their nu-metal show in February.

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