Remember the old Chuck E. Cheese building on College and Prospect? Yeah, the creepy one with the post-apocalyptic $5 pizza ads spray painted on the walls? It's officially getting a high-class replacement, according to The Coloradoan. 

A brand-new getaway from the same developers who brought us The Elizabeth Hotel will replace the Creep E. Cheese— sorry— Chuck E. Cheese located at 1623 S. College Ave. The hotel will be another in a long chain of Marriotts in our area, and is designed by a local resident, Lou Bieker, whose credits also include, yes, The Elizabeth. 

Construction of the hotel will take a little over a year. Guests can expect a full-service restaurant, parking on-site, and free MAX passes when they check in.

No word yet on whether or not Mr. Cheese will be relocated and given a job on-site, but we will update you as the story progresses.

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