Judy Finchum, from Grand Junction, has played the same five numbers every week, for three decades!  That's how she finally won $133.2 million.

Interesting fact:  The Lucky Me Superstore (fittingly enough) gets $50,000 for selling the winning lottery ticket.  After that, and taxes?  Finchum will receive $66 million.  Now honestly:  Would you know the difference in terms of having that all to use how you please?  Mrs. Finchum and her husband are given the option of yearly payouts or a one-time lump sum, of which they opted for the latter.

She plans to retire.  Mr. Finchum wants to fix or replace his old pickup.  It would take one lavish retirement and probably a gold-plated truck to spend 66 mil.  But wait, there's more:  They're strongly considering donating a significant chunk of this to victims of the 2017 hurricanes and wildfires.

While I don't gamble - as that kind of luck doesn't seem to follow me - I feel as good as I could about the winners of this money and where it will go.  I hope the money reaps zero destruction for the two.


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