This week has been a doozy for quite a few people this week - is it just one of those weeks, or is there a good explanation as to why people are getting into fights and facing all sorts of conflict?

I've had several people ask me this week if Mercury is in Retrograde right now - no, it's not. The first phase of Mercury Retrograde ended on January 8 and doesn't kick back up until April 9, lasting through May 3. In astrology, Mercury Retrograde is known as being a particularly challenging time full of technical difficulties and miscommunication.

So if Mercury isn't Retrograde, what the hell is going on? Because I had a pretty bad day Monday, as did several other people I know (completely unrelated incidents).

Mollie Kendrick/TSM
Mollie Kendrick/TSM

For a short while, all planets were direct. On Monday, February 6 however, our worlds seemed to turn upside down (don't worry, it's only temporary) when Jupiter went Retrograde in Libra, and it's gonna be that way until June 7 when it goes direct (also in Libra).

According to Bustle, Jupiter Retrograde makes way for "big-time personal growth" and gives us the opportunity to evaluate whether our goals and motives are actually good, or if they're fueled by greed or selfishness. Jupiter is known as being a planet of good fortune, growth, and expansion; it's here to teach us a lesson and it'll make sure we learn it (or else). When that energy is suppressed by a Retrograde phase, you'll be questioning if you're emotionally prepared to handle good fortune or changes in your life.

Astrology King says that if your goals and motivations come from a place of authenticity and positivity, you may receive "unexpected good luck" during this phase.

Essentially, you may be predisposed to high emotions due to big life changes going on, or because you're up to no good and people aren't responding well to anything you're doing or saying in your "evil" plan.

This phenomenon may not completely explain what's going on in your personal life, but it could account for the way you're reacting based on your personal birth chart (find yours for free here). In astrology, this wouldn't be a terrible time to take a look at your life and make sure you're on the right path and being your most authentic self.

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