This story is a sad one. Let's hope for some kind of happy ending.

Animal lovers in Northern Colorado are reacting strongly after several dead animals were removed from a property in Weld County this weekend. There are still many other animals living at the residence, creating a lot of concern for their well-being.

Local animal sanctuaries are ready to help house the remaining creatures, but only if law enforcement removes the remaining animals. There is a petition going around to gain signatures to encourage action.

In all, nine deceased animals were seized from the property that's facing abuse accusations.

The official statement from Weld County Sheriff's Office states:

On Saturday morning, local and state officials responded to the 5400 block of F Street in unincorporated Weld County where several deceased animals were removed from a property for testing.
On Friday, the Colorado Department of Agriculture drafted an order for livestock owner Halina Morley to assemble her herd for evaluative and diagnostic testing. With Morley’s consent, state veterinarians removed nine deceased animals and collected multiple excrement samples from live members of the herd. Those samples and deceased animals were sent to Colorado State University to test for the presence of infectious disease.
Two representatives from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Control Unit also responded to the property to assist the state veterinarians. In addition to removing the carcasses, local and state officials helped Morley to clean and remove trash from the livestock enclosure.
As part of its active and ongoing investigation, Weld County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officers and patrol deputies have been responding to calls and making routine checks at the property ever since the first allegations of animal abuse were reported about three weeks ago.
This remains an active and open investigation by the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. An update will be released pending the results of diagnostic testing by Colorado State University.
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