Remember the orphaned bears from Colorado Springs? When it was time for them to hibernate for the winter, Colorado Parks and Wildlife took action and made sure they would sleep and wake up in a place that would give them a second chance.

The cubs started at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation in Whetmore, were darted, and then taken to their new homes on Pike's Peak. Those new homes are human-made aluminum dens where the bears can safely enter torpor, or a physical and mental state similar to hibernation.

Because these bears were darted and placed into their new homes, it gives the members of Colorado Parks and Wildlife a chance to take a peek inside and show us something we've never seen before: What the inside of a bear den looks like.

Check out the video posted below on Jason Clay's YouTube channel, where he describes the journey of getting the bears to their new homes and offers a peek inside their den.

The three bear cubs will stay inside this den until it is safe for them to come out and start their new lives on Pike's Peak.

In the video, Clay notes that the bears are able to leave if they want to but most likely want to stay inside the warmth and sleep. We're wishing them sweet dreams!

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