I can't believe this. This little boy from Aurora is facing sexual harassment charges and he was suspended for three days over a song he heard on a commercial. The song in question is 'Sexy and I Know It' by LMFAO.  He was singing the song, from which he got from the commercial for M&M's, to a female classmate. According to the school this is his third offense. The principal said that the first offense was the shaking of the buns and the second he lifted up his shirt. The school released a statement stating:

Aurora Public Schools believes that all students are entitled to pursue their education in school-related environments that are free of sexual harassment, bullying and disruptions. It is APS policy to investigate and deal appropriately with offending students when complaints of such offensive behavior are made.

A student would not be suspended for merely singing a song. If actions warrant we would consider suspending a student to emphasize the seriousness of the actions and to prevent further inappropriate behavior toward another student.”

The school also are dropping the sexual harassment charges and just calling it harassment.

Do you agree with the schools decision?

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