I'm a simple man when it comes to what I need and want in my home. This is why I find some of the celebrity mansions that exist in our world completely ridiculous. No one needs 47 bedrooms, three tennis courts, and more than one Olympic-sized pool on their property. That being said, if money were no object I'm sure I'd have some fairly extravagant add-ons that other people would balk at, so, who am I to judge?

Check out six of the craziest celebrity mansions I've seen on YouTube. Which one would you most like to have for yourself?

Justin Bieber:

Celine Dion:

Jennifer Aniston:

Lady Gaga:

Donatella Versac:


You may not live in a mansion, but that doesn't mean your place can't look good! You could bid on a comprehensive design package From Eheart Interior Solutions next week as part of the first-ever Northern Colorado Auction from 99.9 The Point.

YouTube Screenshots
YouTube Screenshots

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