The world's only Chevrolet Corphibian - part van, part boat - will go up for auction in Florida next month.

Originally a 1961 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Greenbriar van, the vehicle was converted to be able to operate in water by the Hulten-Holm Company, who was commissioned by General Motors to compete with a similar vehicle, the Amphicar.

The Corphibian is has a fiberglass hull, wooden rudder, 2 propellers, a 95 inch wheelbase and 6-cylinder, manual transmission engine, making it totally equipped to travel by both land and sea. It features a red and white paint job and the original tires. Only 157 miles are on the Corphibian's odometer.

Through the years, the Corphibian has changed hands between a few private owners, and will once again be put up for sale at the Mechum Kissimme Auction next month.

See the Chevrolet Corphibian in action in the video above!

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