A man won $50,000 for making a trick shot during a minor league hockey game in Indiana, but the insurance company responsible for the cash is not paying out because he stepped over the line.

Richard Marsh hit a 3-inch hockey puck 175 feet into a target just 3 inches wide at the opposing goal, supposedly winning a $50,000 prize for the “Hockey for Heart” promotion befefitting the St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana. And this guy has a huge heart of his own because before he made the shot, he said that if he won he was going to donate every penny to the Heart Center. Sounds like a fairy tale story, right?

Well how’s that for a crummy ending?! If you’re not familiar with how these giveaways work here is the scoop. Sports teams promote these kinds of cash giveaways for fans making all-but-impossible stunt shots. Very rarely do any of the shots get made, but 3rd party insurance companies are hired for the payouts if the miracle shots are actually made. And that’s just what happened in Indiana, but this insurance company says they looked at the video of the shot and said the man’s foot was over the line when he shot the puck, therefore, disqualifying it. And since they disqualified the shot, they say they won’t pay out the fifty grand.

So really, what they’re saying is this guy made a 174.9 foot shot into a 3 inch hole instead of a 175 foot shot into a 3-inch hole and that cost him (and the Heart Center) $50,000. That sounds like a Scrooge McDuck move to me.

The promotion was sponsored by All State Insurance and they are taking plenty of heat for it, but they are NOT the insurance company responsible for voiding the payment. The name of that company has not been released.

According to NBC Sports, the owners of the minor league hockey team (The Indiana Ice) plan to make a donation to the Heart Center, in lieu of the payout fiasco.

“Ice owners Paul and Cindy Skjodt said they plan to make a donation of an undisclosed amount to St. Vincent’s cardiovascular unit and the American Heart Association in recognition of the accomplishment. They also plan to recognize Marsh in some fashion at a later date.”

Check out video of this guy making the shot and the crowd going wild.

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