Our 'It's Gonna Be May' New Millennium Dance Party is coming soon-- April 19-- and we want to prepare you for an epic night of dancing and winning big.

That's right-- if you show up with an amazing new millennium-themed costume, you might go home with Jennifer Lopez tickets. She's coming to the Pepsi Center on June 19, and we're giving a pair of tix to the show to the person who kills it costume-wise...but you must be at our event to win.

So what, exactly, are you going to dress as? Sure, there are the obvious costume ideas: for example, any outfit from an *NSYNC music video. However, I'd love to see one of the unsung heroes of the '00's get their day, so I made a list of costume inspiration below to get your juices flowing and inspiration going.

  • 1

    The astronaut from the Oops!...I Did It Again music video

    I mean, Britney Spears is definitely the true hero here for not sweating at all in that red leather catsuit, but this guy literally went to the bottom of the ocean for her (and then back up to...Mars? Okay). He deserves a little recognition.

  • 2

    Enrique Iglesias's mole

    Look, everyone's got a beauty mark they're not proud of, but before its removal, Iglesias's mole was almost more famous than he was. Let's hope the mole is resting in piece and celebrate it with a tribute-- plus, this might be the easiest costume of the night.

  • 3

    The lost American Idol host

    Before the American Idol producers realized Ryan Seacrest had enough energy for two grown men, Brian Dunkleman was his co-host on American Idol. Let's pay tribute to the man who lost one of the highest-paying gigs at the time by being brunette and wearing a tux.

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
  • 4

    Girl's Tyme

    The original 'Destiny's Child', Girl's Tyme included Támar Davis, sisters Nikki and Nina Taylor, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland. OK, OK, technically this is a '90's group, but Girl's Tyme and their OG lineup is what brought us the magic of Destiny's Child...and the saving grace of Michelle Williams. Grab your girls and come as a group.

  • 5

    Literally anyone doing a challenge on Fear Factor

    ...because this show was the most anxiety-inducing thing on TV, and these people deserve snaps.

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